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An important point in the IBH Machinery “Straight Trade” concept is the way in which we offer our products to our customers to purchase: namely always clear and complete.

  • All the items we offer are free and available to buy directly
  • All items can be viewed in our showrooms.
  • Each item is described as completely as possible.
  • For each article there are photos
  • For the object at least a video recording was made on which the functionality is visible
  • Every week, we send e-mails with the machine arrived and those machines that are available for sale soon
  • With the “IBH-Machinery” logo mark as the article with an above-average value for money.
  • On our online auction auctions are held regularly

Well coordinated after-sales service:

  • IBH Machinery offers a variety of payment options. In many countries we have our own bank accounts.
  • We accept credit cards for faster processing of payments
  • We deliver our products to the specific needs of our customers
  • We transport the goods to pre-agreed costs at any world port.
  • We provide all the export paper and related documents.

One stop shopping:

IBH Machinery is specialist in Total Project Management. This means that we take over the entire system needs for our solid client. Starting from the totalizing and preparing the first request packet to the guaranteed trade-in value at the rate of fire of a project.

Full service packet

IBH Machinery is a full service package, are the focus at the clarity, reliability and customer-oriented action. We will be happy to explain to you in a introductory meeting all existing possibilities.

Export Documents

IBH Machinery has its own export department, which provided for all of us world objects created all export documents and statements. And the customs formalities shall be governed by us. To ensure that your purchased machine can be shipped as soon as possible, meets a team that specializes in the sale before the necessary preparations to ensure that all documents that are often prescribed by authorities or supplier side stand as quickly as possible available.

These include, the following:

  • Customs formalities
  • Export declarations EX1
  • Suppliers’ declarations
  • CE Declaration of Conformity
  • Export documents of the EU-CH agency
  • Transport Insurance

IBH-Machinery “Straight Trade”

Our “Straight Trade” concept

We find that a customer has the right to a truthful picture as possible of what he buys. Goods therefore not advance must have been awkward controls. We also find that a supplier needs to sell its products in a manner that suits him best. This is the output of our comprehensive new sales concept of IBH Machinery: “Straight Trade”. .

The basis of IBH Machinery “Straight Trade” is mutual trust. This will help our customers in their decision-making, where we offer a complete and detailed information. Our suppliers in turn have all possibilities for creating tailor-made solutions.


The core values ​​of the Straight Trade-concept for our customers are:

  • Full, clear and detailed information about our products.
  • Variety of payment options.
  • A complete ready-to-work-delivery of products according to customer specifications.


The IBH Machinery Straight Trade Concept offers customized solutions for almost any business such as traditional sale, Best Price Guarantee and online auctions. For fleet owners even with price guarantees.

IBH-Machinery Best Buy

When you IBH Machinery Künne always be sure that you get a good price-quality ratio. But we regularly get machines in which the quality is much better than it could be, for example, expect the age. Or because the price is significantly below the current market value. We feature these products with IBH Machinery Best Buy. You should always make the offers on our website on this logo!

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Unfortunately we do not have the machine you search in the database. Since our stock changes experiencing problem it is possible that the machine we have in stock or expect sand blow to short-term. Send an e-mail with specified therein machine they are looking for.

Stay up to date

We consider it important that our customers are always up to date information about our latest products. Therefore, we send a weekly email in which an update with the latest machinery and equipment is included that are for sale in the near future with us.

Customized solutions

Many of our customers prefer used equipment, but they want them to exactly match your requirements. Since they can not find the product quickly enough, they’re looking for, they often have to buy a new one yet. Specifically for this customer group provides IBH Machinery to tailor a package. Our experts first analyze your needs, then search for the best solutions for you and deliver a pre-determined price in accordance with the right product “ready to work” at any desired location.

To have the flexibility to operate at good prices and ships of agreed deadlines, we have all the reparations, service and conversion capabilities. Thus, we can ensure that a machine is a carefree second operating life begins with you.

We are specialized in:

  • The irradiation and spraying of products in company colors
  • The building of additional hydraulic functions, possibly with associated attachments
  • The implementation of maintenance and control tests
  • The application of lettering and logos
  • The delivery or installation of new replacement parts and filter sets

Project Management

Many of our overseas clients working on a project basis. You are looking for a “ready to work” package on machines. For this we offer two options:

  1. We undertake to collect the entire packet within a predetermined period, and adapt / to be provided with all the customer specific requirements. Then we provide the complete package to a pre-determined date at a specific customer from the harbor. To ensure the customer an optimal budget preparation, we give advance request for supplied equipment package a guaranteed trade-in price from.
  2. We maintain close contact with our customers and try to find the right machine for the job package, which we then deliver to customer specifications with them

For more information please contact our sales department.

Traditional Shopping

The buyers of IBH Machinery constantly search the market to search for products for our worldwide sales. The basis of our purchasing policy is “as is” and “where is”. We buy without guarantee and ensure a quick pick-up by our own transport. We pay fair market prices, both by piece or in large batches.

Transport prices

On many websites, the basic price of the offered machines is often specified. However, this does not apply to the transportation costs, which are still added to the base price. Depending on the distance and the dimensions of these costs can often amount to several thousand Euros. These costs ultimately determine whether a purchase worthwhile. In addition, the buyer loses the Search and rules of cost-effective transport time. This not only slows down the execution, but also has a negative effect on the time from where the machine can be used. That is why it is good to know that we can often offer for your selected products online at the lowest price of transport to the port of your choice. Also for customers who bring us over a machine on the market, the sale will be accelerated as quickly as possible.

Every transport is maatwerk

Transportation costs and the related documents are often the final items in a transaction, the machines often do not have the permissible standard dimensions and weights, which often translates into higher transportation costs. To limit this to a minimum, we offer our customers the following options:

  • Loading ramp
  • Container loading
  • Ro-ro shipping
  • Road transport

How to buy IBH Machinery?

If you have interest in a subject matter, then please contact. Possible contact us via one of the shots
After purchase agreement, we create a pre-sale contract. In this we confirm the agreements reached. After this pre-sale agreement is signed by you, you will receive a proforma invoice, so that you (the default is 10%) can be realized via one of our payment of the deposit. Once the amount has been credited to our account, you have the option to purchase this product. After receipt of payment we will prepare the items according to the pre-sale contract prior to shipping. After the entire amount has been credited to our account, we will ship the purchased items or you can pick up within our opening times here.